Neck Pain and Whiplash


Neck Pain Types and Outcomes

The majority of neck pain is caused by activities involving repeated or prolonged movements with the neck in a poor postural position. This can result in inflammation of the neck joint, spasm of neck muscles, or a sprain or strain.  In all cases, it is important to identify the cause of pain and treat it accordingly.  Most neck pain falls into one of these categories and is quickly and easily treated using chiropractic, acupuncture, manual therapy, cold laser, or a combination of treatments depending on the condition of the patient and response to treatment.

Tension Headaches

Many times neck pain that develops towards the end of the workday with an accompanying tension headache can also be treated quite easily.  You can find more information about headaches here.


There are more complicated reasons for neck pain, however. Whiplash is a type of neck injury that typically involves a forceful forward and backward motion of the head and neck and is usually due to an auto accident.  There is often a sprain and strain component to whiplash and often a moderate to severe headache accompanies the injury.  Whiplash responds well to the treatments previously listed but does generally take longer to heal due to the nature of the injury.

Arthritis or Degenerative Changes

Arthritis of the neck can be quite painful and is caused by changes in the joints and vertebrae of the cervical spine due to loss of motion of the neck and minor spinal misalignments.  Chiropractic care with postural exercises works quite well at restoring cervical spine motion and correcting those misalignments.  Many times arthritis has been developing over the years and years and the chiropractor is the last resort; in these cases, treatment may take a longer than that for typical neck pain.

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Shooting Pain or Disc Problems

Shooting pain or numbness down the arm into the shoulders, arms, or fingers is caused by an impingement of the nerve and can be due to a herniated disc.  Most cases resolve within a few months with conservative treatment.  If the impingement is not a disc and is occurring away from the spine, outcomes are much faster. We conduct a thorough exam for accurate diagnosis of the patient to ensure we are treating the right area and we use a combination of treatments tailored to each patient’s specific condition.  Patients in our clinic respond quite quickly due to our focus on finding the exact cause of the pain.  For more information on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome click here.

Better Results!

Chiropractic and manual therapy have been shown to be the preferred treatment for neck pain.  A recent study showed published from the Annals of Internal Medicine and reported by The New York Times showed that chiropractic and home exercises showed greater improvement over a longer time with happier patients than painkillers or muscle relaxers.