Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Effective Alternative Treatments for Carpal Tunnel

We get outstanding results with patients suffering from tingling and pain in the forearms, hands and fingers.  The most important consideration is a accurate diagnosis to make sure we are treating the problem and not wasting your time.  We find the cause of the numbness and tingling whether it is at the spine or on the way down from the arm to the hand.


What Causes the Numbness or Tingling

Patients often complain of tingling and numbness in the hands and/or fingers with the assumption that they have carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by compression of the median and/or ulnar nerves specifically as they cross the carpal tunnel at the wrist on the palm side. However, tingling/numbness is often caused by compression or entrapment of the nerves exiting the spinal column anywhere between the neck to the upper arm, across the elbow, through the forearm, to the wrist. Poor posture with the head positioned ahead of the shoulder on a straight neck can create additional tension on these nerves.

Tingling is many times caused by impingement at several locations along the course of the affected nerve, which can be resolved in most cases by traditional chiropractic care of the neck combined with specific soft tissue work throughout the shoulder girdle, elbow, and forearm. In the case of true carpal tunnel syndrome, there is success in working the muscles and soft tissues around the carpal tunnel itself and modifying activities that put pressure directly on the area.

Dr. Wilson has undergone soft tissue treatment training and acupuncture certification to achieve greater results and quicker resolution of Carpal Tunnel and Carpal Tunnel like symptoms without drugs or surgery.


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