Deep Neck Flexion

Deep Neck Flexion Exercise of the Month Here’s a simple exercise you can add into your day to help neck pain. Directions: Lie on your back, with your head supported. Perform a “chin tuck” by retracting your head to create a double chin. Lift your head, bringing chin toward your chest without lifting shoulders- as […]

Turf Toe

Turf Toe “Turf toe” means that the strong fibrous ligaments connecting your big toe to your foot have been stretched too far and have been “sprained. This most commonly happens when your big toe is extended forcibly toward the top of your foot. This may happen abruptly from a fall or when something lands on […]

Plantar Fascia – Marbles

Plantar Fascia – Marbles Place marbles or any other small object on the floor, i.e nuts, balls, pencils, etc. Pick up each marble with your toes one at a time. Move your foot several inches and drop the marble. Repeat for one minute twice per day or as directed.  

Keep Your Family Healthy and Injury-Free this Spring

Keep Your Family Healthy and Injury-Free this Spring With spring right around the corner, you and your children may be gearing up for the start of outdoor sports and activities. No matter which activity or sport the members of your family participate in, these 4 tips will help to keep everyone healthy and injury-free this […]

The Best Indoor Exercises For Bad-Weather Days

The Best Indoor Exercises For Bad-Weather Days “I wish I could exercise, but it is too troublesome to step out while it’s raining.” “It’s too cold to workout!” Sound familiar? If you are guilty of not maintaining your workout regimen because of the weather, simply lamenting about it is not going to help. Instead, try […]


Sidebridge This month’s featured exercise works your oblique muscles and helps stabilize your spine. Begin lying on your side. Rest your weight on your forearm and feet. Lift your hips forward and toward the ceiling until your body is in a straight “plank” position. Initially, you may need to use your knees for support. Slowly […]

Hip Abductor Weakness

Hip Abductor Weakness One very important job of your hip muscles is to maintain the alignment of your leg when you move. One of the primary hip muscles, the gluteus medius, plays an especially important stabilizing role when you walk, run, or squat. The gluteus medius attaches your thigh bone to the crest of your […]

How to Commit to Your Healthy Habits All Year Long

How to Commit to Your Healthy Habits All Year Long by Paige Johnson Many people that decide to try and lose weight and become healthier fall short after only a few short months. In fact, only 44% of people accomplish their weight loss goals. Although there are a number of reasons for this, many people […]

Upper Cross Syndrome

Upper Crossed Syndrome Your posture plays an important role in your overall health. Poor posture leads to chronic strain and discomfort. “Upper crossed syndrome” describes poor posture that results from excessive tightness in your shoulders and chest with weakness in your neck and mid-back. This combination forces your shoulders to roll inward and your head […]

Lumbar Disc Lesion

Lumbar Disc Lesion Your spine consists of 24 individual vertebrae stacked on top of each other. Flexible cushions called “discs” live between each set of vertebrae. A disc is made up of two basic components. The inner disc, called the “nucleus”, is like a ball of jelly about the size of a marble. This jelly […]