The Best Indoor Exercises For Bad Weather Days

“I wish I could exercise, but it is too troublesome to step out while it’s raining.”

“It’s too cold to workout!”

Sound familiar? If you are guilty of not maintaining your workout regimen because of the weather, simply lamenting about it is not going to help. Instead, try to find ways to be physically active throughout the year, irrespective of the weather. This can not only keep weight gain at bay but is also important for your overall well-being. Working out does not always mean having to be outdoors; so here are some easy-to-do (but effective) exercises that you can do at home on days when the weather conditions make it difficult to venture out.

Walking Lunges – Indoor Exercise

Lunges are known to be a highly effective workout for the pelvic area and legs. Moreover, they help build core strength and improve flexibility in your hips. You can easily perform lunges at home. Start by standing tall with your back straight. Next, step forward with one foot (the knee should not go past the toes) and simultaneously lower your body. Repeat using the other foot without taking a step backward to mimic a ‘walking’ action.

Stair Stepping – Indoor Exercise

Another easy and effective exercise to do on bad-weather days, stepping stairs is something that you do not even need stairs for. You can substitute with a sturdy chair/bench or a box and simply step up and down as you watch television or talk to your family members. This is excellent for those who need something light to start off with and keep the body active.

Stationary Bike – Indoor Exercise

If you own a stationary bike, you have no excuse for not exercising on bad-weather days. Even spending 20-30 minutes on it every day will do a whole lot of good for your health. The advantage is that you can tailor the intensity of the workout session according to your requirement and capacity. This form of exercise is ideal for beginners and athletes alike, and can not only help you lose weight but also improve your cardiovascular health.

Burpees – Indoor Exercise

Favored by serious gym-goers, athletes, and even soldiers, burpees are something that you too can perform at home to reap the many benefits. This exercise works your entire body without having to use any equipment and also aids in burning calories in a more effective and faster way. If you are starting out, take the advice of a professional and remember to go at your own speed.

Yoga – Indoor Exercise

The many benefits of yoga for people of all ages are common knowledge, and if you have been planning to try it for yourself, now is as good a time as any. If you are not one for intense workout sessions and want something that has physical and mental benefits, yoga is the best activity. There is also no need for any equipment (all you need is a bit of space), and there are different styles to suit every person. You can start off with yoga DVDs or consult a trainer to give you at-home sessions for those days when you do not feel like moving out of the house.

About 80.2 million people in the United States of different ages are physically inactive, which can lead to numerous health issues, so next time you think of skipping your workout regimen because of the cold or rain, just try one or more of the above exercises instead. This will not only keep you healthy throughout the year, but it will also reward you emotionally when you notice the change in your weight and fitness levels at the end of the year.

Author: Paige Johnson

Paige Johnson considers herself a fitness nerd. She shares a vision with LearnFit, which is dedicated to providing information on living a lifestyle that’s healthy for both our bodies and our planet.