How to Commit to Your Healthy Habits All Year Long

by Paige Johnson

Many people that decide to try and lose weight and become healthier fall short after only a few short months. In fact, only 44% of people accomplish their weight loss goals. Although there are a number of reasons for this, many people are simply not given the correct tools and knowledge in order for them to become successful.

Adopting healthy eating habits and an overall healthy lifestyle is worth it. We are here to give you some easy tips that will make a difference — keep reading to find out how to commit to your healthy habits all year long!

Keep Trying New Food

If you eat the same things every single day not only do you get sick of them, but you limit your nutritional range. When you eat different fruits, vegetables, and meat, this allows your body to receive different nutrients. No matter how good the food is, if you eat something repeatedly, your body will crave something new. Keep your taste buds guessing by switching up your meals regularly.

Keep A Journal

Writing down everything that you consume will keep you accountable. If you gain weight, you can glance at your journey which will help you find what might be causing this. Logging everything you eat and drink will also make you more mindful of your choices. You may want to reach for those chocolates, but knowing you’ll have to write this action down may prevent you from putting them in your mouth. Even after you reach your target weight, you may want to continue to journal all of your food so that you stay on track.

Drink More Water

You may think that you only need to stay hydrated when you are outside in the hot sun or when you are sweating at the gym, but staying hydrated is critically important for your health and can be beneficial for weight loss. Some additional benefits include clearer skin, a healthier appetite, and fewer cravings. Try to keep a bottle with you at all times. If you are at the office, have one sitting at your desk; if you are watching television, have a water bottle beside you. If you are having a hard time because you feel as though you need something sweet, try some fruit-infused water or unsweetened seltzer water.

Set Small Goals

When you set a big goal it can become overwhelming. You might not know where to start. Beginning with a small goal will motivate you, and you will be much more likely to succeed. They can be small weekly or even daily goals, like committing to working out at home three days a week. A big change will often happen as the result of small changes happening regularly, so by making small goals all year long, you can see major health improvements by the end of the year.

Find Support

Although it is important to hold yourself accountable, it is also very beneficial to find support. According to research from Dartmouth University and Brown Medical School, people that use the buddy system will lose more weight than those who don’t. Having support will help you stay on track, especially during moments of weakness. Losing weight with a friend will also make the process social and a more fun experience. You can listen to each other and keep each other motivated.

Make It A Lifestyle Change

Think of this year as a new lifestyle change, not just an adventure in diet and exercise. When people hear the word “diet,” they often think of something short-term, because a diet is usually not a long-term solution that will help you stay healthy for many years to come. Instead, commit to a lifestyle change that you know is attainable and manageable. Commit to healthy eating by subscribing to a farm-to-table fresh fruit and vegetable delivery service or planting your own garden. Or dedicate yourself to a more active lifestyle by changing jobs. For example, you might trade life in your cubicle for a career as a dog walker, firefighter, or yogi. Yes, these are big changes, but sometimes a big change is necessary in order to habitualize a healthy way of living.

These simple tips can help you commit to your health habits. Since every person is different, some tips might work better for you than others. Try each one out and see how it helps to keep you motivated and successful. When you stick to your healthy habits, you can be sure to stay healthy all year long.


Paige Johnson considers herself a fitness nerd. She shares a vision with LearnFit, which is dedicated to providing information on living a lifestyle that’s healthy for both our bodies and our planet.