Whiplash and Chiropractic

Whiplash and Chiropractic Whiplash is a common term for injury to the neck and head that is caused by a rapid acceleration or deceleration of the head relative to the body.  The neck muscles are overpowered by the mass of the head moving or stopping very quickly and injury occurs.  It is commonly called ‘whiplash’ […]

Sitting Posture for Extension Based Low Back Pain

Sitting Posture for Extension Based Low Back Pain Doctor, How Should I Sit? Every day we get asked by patients, “Doctor, How should I sit?” and although it seems like it should be an easy answer, the variables surrounding back pain are enormous and so answering that question can be a real exercise in brainpower. […]

What’s the Best Shoe for Small Feet?

We often hear the question “What’s the BEST shoe for small feet?”  And as parents we often seek to maximize the family budget. One common cost saving technique involves choosing shoes that toddlers and children “will grow into”. This week we will review a paper that examines this practice. Kobayashi (1) recently investigated: “How do […]

Question Answered About Back Pain

A Patient Asks: “Why do I need to come back for low back pain?” Recently I was working with a patient from Waukee and a common question came up.  The question however threw me for a loop not because it isn’t something that I haven’t explained often but from who it came from.  See this person […]

How does laser therapy work?

Laser Therapy works for pain management Pain management is a field where many practitioners get frustrated. In our clinic, we see it all the time as a lot of the more difficult cases come in after they have seen everybody else and a chiropractor is their last resort. Chronic pain doesn’t always mean that we […]