Treat A Headache with Chiropractic Care

Several clinical studies indicate that chiropractic care may help in the treatment of migraine headaches. In one study of people with migraines, 22% of those who received chiropractic manipulation over 90% reported a in reduction frequency of attacks and 49% reported a decrease in the intensity of each migraine.

In another study, subjects were randomly assigned to receive chiropractic adjustments, a daily medication (Evail), or a combination of both. Chiropractic was as effective as taking the Evail medication and had fewer side effects. There was no added benefit in combining the therapies.

In addition, researchers reviewed 9 separate studies that tested chiropractic adjustments for both migraines and tension headaches and found that chiropractic care was at least as effective for preventing and reducing the symptoms as these medications.

Another study found remarkable results for patients who on average had suffered from migraines for 18 years got substantial relief with an average of 50% improvement in frequency, duration and intensity.


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Treat A Headache with Acupuncture

According to WebMD acupuncture may provide migraine and headache relief for some people. Researchers found that compared to standard medicare acupuncture may provide substantial benefits in improving headaches and improving quality of life for people who suffer from headaches, especially migraines.

The benefits were lasting for at least a year according to the study and there was a recommendation that insurance coverage be expanded to include acupuncture due to other similar studies and the low cost and effectiveness of the treatment.


Treat A Headache with Nutrition

Nutrition plays a key role in the development of migraine headaches for some people. Certain foods are known triggers for migraine headaches and a defeciency in key vitamins and minerals may make the the symptoms of a migraine more severe and intense.

A nutritional evaluation may be the best way to determine if you can be helped by changing your nutrition to prevent or lessen the impact of migraine headaches for you.